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Khankendi ::: General information ::: Industrial establishments :::
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Industrial establishments

Upper Garabagh Autonomous Region was one of the most highly developed regions of Azerbaijan from socio-economic viewpoint during the pre-occupation period. A number of important measures were taken for the development of diversified industry, agriculture, social infrastructure. Share of other Azerbaijan regions in strengthening the region´s economy and total turnover of the economic relations was more than 90 percent. Share of Armenian SSR during the pre-occupational period was less than 2 percent, which clearly prove the groundlessness of the opinions of academician A. Aganbegyan and others as if UGAR’s economic life was fully dependent from the Armenian SSR.
Khankendi was one of the modern industry cities of Azerbaijan. The economy was mainly based on the silk industry, construction materials industry, electrical engineering, footwear, machinery, textiles, musical instruments, furniture, meat and dairy products’ industry, confectionery and floury products (rolls and buns), cognac, wine and so on. Khankendi was the second center of republic according to the production of silk. It is a great pity that, Armenian chauvinists’ territorial claims against Azerbaijan and disorder arising because of this damaged the silk production like all other fields of the industry.
Production of silk goods, a wide range of knitted garments, textile products and other finished goods was increased in Khankendi. 12 different silk fabrics were made in “Garabagh silk mill”. The mill was producing 36 percent of silk products of the silk industry in republic. Lack of raw materials was eliminated on the account of the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, as well as other regions adjacent to Upper Garabagh Autonomous Region.
High-quality building materials such as cube stone, brick, ashlar ceilings and marble blocks were produced in Khankendi construction materials centre.
One of the industrial enterprises in the Upper Garabagh Autonomous Region was Khankendi shoemaking factory. Founded in 1970 it was fully put into operation in 1972.
One of rapidly developing industries was winemaking industry. Establishment of 5 new wine-making plants in the region and installation of any equipment created basis for production of high-quality products meeting with international standards.
Electrical plant had one of the most important roles in the town industry. The desktop fans, modern electric lamps, lamps, in total 14 types of products were produced in this enterprise. New revival in the industry occurred with the establishment of furniture factory in the late 60s. Furniture, table, chair, armchair, beds, household goods and other articles were produced from rare wood at this factory.
The creation of new corps at the Khankendi clothes factory and renewal of equipment increased the production volume even more. There was great demand to the manufactured products of the factory in the country and beyond.
One of the industrial enterprises distinguished for the production increase in Khankendi at the beginning of 1980 was dairy plant. A vast growth was observed in production of milk and milk produces, cheese and butter production in the result of providing the workshops with new automatic devices. There was a workshop preparing the dry milk serous at the dairy plant, which was the only shop in republic. Khankendi was in the first places among the Azerbaijan SSR cities for production rate of milk and milk produces per capita.