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Khankendi ::: Our martyrs ::: Mirzayev Shirin Veli oglu (1947-1992) :::
  • The streets of Khankendi
  • The view of Khankendi from Shusha
  • A nature view of native Garabagh
  • The monument to World War II
  • Baku-Khankendi-Shusha road

Our martyrs

Mirzayev Shirin Veli oglu (1947-1992)

MMirzayev Shirin Veli oglu

Mirzayev Shirin Veli oglu (1947-1992) was originally from the village Mirzalar of Shusha. But, he was born on January 5, 1947, in Khankendi. After the secondary school, he left to serve in the Army. Having served for a certain period in the Internal Troops regiment in Baku, in 1967, he was admitted to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Higher Political Military School. In 1971, successfully completed his military training he was given assignment to Yerevan. After five years service there, he returned to Baku.
In 1988, he graduated from the Moscow Military Political Academy named after Lenin. He had served in the Internal Troops’ regiment for 15 years. Burning in the heart with love for the motherland in 1991, he came to Aghdam. Moreover, it was the time, when was a great need for professional servicemen in the country. In October 1991, despite of all obstacles and persecutions, lieutenant colonel Shirin Mirzayev created the first regular self-defense battalion. This was a very bold step for that period. In May 1992, was created the regiment comprised of three tabors (groups). Shirin Mirzayev was simultaneously the military commissar of Aghdam district and the commander of the regiment and he coped with his responsible task very ably. On March 28, 1992 with Shirin Mirzayev and his supporters’ efforts was created the first tabor in republic and lieutenant colonel Shirin Veli oglu Mirzayev who was burning for the native land was made the commander of the Aghdam district territorial self-defense tabor.
Shirin Mirzayev’s front line would be a good sample for the others. Due to his ability of a military leader, the villages of Farrukh, Pirjamal, Qazanchy, Ballygaya, Qarashlar, Bashirli, Sirkhavend, Agbulag and Dahraz were released from the Armenian bandits. 120 km long territory of Aghdam region was being defended. In May 1992, was created the regiment consisting of three tabors. The toiling commander was always in the front line. This quality inspired with courage all other members of the regiment. At first voluntary fighters were a little capricious. Due to Shirin Mirzayev’s own example, observance of strict martial laws, personal care to every soldier and exactingness eliminated all the shortcomings. He died in June 18, 1992, in the result of mine explosion in Sirkhavend military operation. Posthumously was coferred to the title of “National Hero of Azerbaijan”.