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Khankendi ::: Our martyrs ::: Samadov Gunduz Hidayat oglu (1957-1992) :::
  • The streets of Khankendi
  • The view of Khankendi from Shusha
  • A nature view of native Garabagh
  • The monument to World War II
  • Baku-Khankendi-Shusha road

Our martyrs

Samadov Gunduz Hidayat oglu (1957-1992)

Samadov Gunduz Hidayat oglu

Samadov Gunduz Hidayat oglu (1957-1992) was born in 1957 in Karkijahan. Lieutenant of internal service Gunduz Samadov in 1977-1979s was in military service in remote Sverdlovsk. Since 1986, he served as a prison guard in Shusha prison and since March of 1992, he worked as an assistant on duty of the jail-naster. He was one of the excellent students of the Faculty of Law of M.A.Rasulzadeh Baku State University.He was able to observe the events happening around watchfully, to realize with common sense what is what; to find out a way in reduced circumstances. Gunduz was the initiator and one of the organizers of the first self-defense detachment in Karkijahan. At the same time, he had an indispensable role in providing Karkijahan fighters with ammunition.
Gunduz would always walk the Shusha-Karkijahan road. In response to the question “Why do you go on foot?”, he would always say: “Examining the road with my stick I want to verify. If explodes the mine, I would die, not the people.”
After December 28, 1991 Karkijahan was gained from the Armenians for several times and Gunduz had services in these battles too. He could not accept the occupation of Karkijahan in any way. Therefore, after the occupation of his native land, he began to stand fearlessly in defense of Shusha. His front road passed through difficulties, but he was always able to stand these severe tests of life. On May 8, 1992 ... In the course of battles for Shusha, the enemy with great force launched attack from the side of prison. It was difficult to avoid the heavy armored machinery shells. Despite all this, destroyed the enemy force with hand grenades at the last moment Gunduz Samadov climbed the prison tower. He was fighting against the enemy with his submachine-gun. Suddenly the sniper shot him. He died a hero’s death. Was married. Buried in Martyrs Avenue in Baku.
By President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev´s decree 867 dated 30 June 2005, posthumously awarded with medal “Veten ugrunda” (For the Motherland).