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Khankendi ::: General information ::: Famous personalities ::: Zahra Sahtakhtinskaya :::
  • The streets of Khankendi
  • The view of Khankendi from Shusha
  • A nature view of native Garabagh
  • The monument to World War II
  • Baku-Khankendi-Shusha road

Famous personalities

Zahra Sahtakhtinskaya

Zəhra Şahtaxtinskaya Zahra Sahtakhtinskaya was born on November 17, 1895 in Khankendi. In 1916, she began to work at women gymnasium. Since 1922 worked at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute, was the dean of the department of biology. Since 1937, she worked as the head of the zoological department. She researched the worms that were living in Azerbaijan and parasitizing in water and wading birds.

She is the author of a number of scientific publications and textbooks. She was awarded the “Lenin” order.

Died in 1977 in Baku.