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Garadaghly tragedy

Occupation of Garadagly

Date of occupation of the villages of Khojavand region resided by Azeris and other facts prove that civil population struggled and fought to the end for their lands. Although they were alone and helpless, performing heroism and bravery in unequal combats with military units of the enemy, the local population resisted heroically against the enemy more than 5 years for their motherland. Beginning of provocations from February 1988, occupation of the villages of Tug and Salatakin on October 30, 1991, Khojavand region November 19, 1991, village of Nakhullu on January 10, 1992, Garadagly on February 17, 1992, Muganli, Amirallar, Kuropatkin on October 2, 1992, Khatai on August 20, 1993, Gunashli on August 23, 1993 are evidences for that.
Situated between Khankandi and Khojavand region center, Garadagly had been continuously attacked by bands of Armenian bandits from the very beginning of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict because of its being encircled by Armenian villages. Garadagly had been attacked 305 times from February 1988 until February 1992 excluding some gunfire from surrounding heights. In all these combats the village had suffered from casualties. One of favorable conditions for Armenians to commit inhuman atrocities in Garadagly was that the village had been cut off from land communications with other Azerbaijani settlements and it had no air communications because of intense fire on Azeri helicopters over the village surrounded from all sides.
From summer of 1991, an operation for evacuation of civil population from Garadagly had almost been completed. Garadagly was being defended by 125 men on the eve of occupation. Only 14 of them were from the National Army arrived from Agdam and 70 were combatants of the local self-defense unit. Along with them, 17 men aged more than 60 and 13 schoolchildren had stood ready for fighting arms in their hands. 11 women aged more than 50 had stayed voluntarily in the village assisting their husbands, sons and brothers. Hero Azerbaijani women, Zivar, Sitara, Tavar, Garakmaz, Mina, Minara, Seadet, Mirvari, Minaya, Gular and Haqiqat were closely assisting to those 125 from December.
Hit of an helicopter carrying also state officials of Azerbaijan over Garakand on November 20, 1991, increased concerns of the local population more. Communication with the encircled village was possible only by helicopters. After this, helicopters landing in the village began to carry a part of the population of the village to safe places. Armenian armed units were attacking the village almost every day and defenders had to answer them with fire from every direction.
On January 8, 1992, Armenians conducted a massive attack on the village. Fighters of the National Army and voluntary defense unit rebuffed the attack and forced the bandits to retreat. In this combat, Aligismat Karimov, Alov Azizov, Namig Huseynov, Arastun Mammadov, Ilgar Huseynov performed heroism, rendering harmless numerous Armenian armed men. Although wounded in the combat, Mazahir and Hidayat were taken to the hospital of Agdam by helicopter landed in the village on January 8, to save Mazahir’s life was impossible.
On January 12, the bandits did not let a helicopter to land in the village that is why it was obliged to drop food and ammunition on the village and return back. But a little later, another helicopter landed in the village with difficulties, with the martyr Mazahir’s friends who took an oath to take revenge for him. A fighter of the National Army Eldar Arazov was also among them.But forces were not equal. There was a lack of fighters, armours and ammunition. The enemy, armed with a canon, “Qrad” rocket launcher, BMP, automatic, machine guns etc., had big advantages in human forces and arms.
Alarming voices of the people of Garadagli was being heard throughout the country by a portable radio transmitter. Radio operators Zahid Khalilov, Imran Huseynov and Haqiqat Huseynova had served great for this. But the leadership of the republic at that time depending on Moscow, was turning a deaf ear to the alarm of Garadagli, taking no practical steps.
On January 15, 1992, the people of Garadagli made a last appeal to the people of Azerbaijan and this appeal was announced by radio transmitter for several days. Here is the text of the appeal:“ Atrocities of the history cannot shake even a little, the heroic sons guarding the land of Karabakh, struggling bravely survive the hardest tasks of the time. There are four years that Garadagli, a pearl part of Karabakh is being guarded by fearless sons, despite becoming a target of the enemy. The people of this forgotten village, which is not kept in our memory for years, live the hardest days of their lives. Houses and various administrative buildings are being set on fire, innocent people murdered and their properties looted. In brief, the village is under intensive attacks by the Armenian bandits. The enemy wants to seize this fine, strategically important position. Because Garadagly had cut the road between Khojavand and Khankandi and hindered their movement by this road forever! After occupation of Khojavand by the units of the bandits, situation in Garadagly aggravated more.
My dear nation! If you have even a glimpse of honor and dignity in your blood, please, don`t stop struggle for freedom of Karabakh! Otherwise it could become a den of bandits with your own hands”.
In the early morning of February 15, Armenian armed units attacked the village of Garadagly from all directions. Fighters from the neighboring Armenian villages, mercenaries, Russian officers and soldiers of the 366th Russian regiment also took part in the attack. But they could not get close to the village easily. Nobil Zeynalov, principal of the local school, Khanali Huseynov, a military official and Altay Hasanov, a fighter of the voluntary defense unit, were guarding the first block post. The fighting was very heavy. The hero women of the village were carrying ammunition and food to the fighters under intense fire, giving first aid to the wounded and achieving in their returning back to the battle. Falling of mother Zivar, 74, in this battle, increased the hatred of defenders to the enemy more. Suffering a lot of casualties that day, Armenians retreated. But the next day the enemy again attacked the first post. Teacher Nobil and his friends of arm killed 11 Armenian bandits in bloody fighting. Not succeeding in seize of the pillbox heroically defended by the defenders of the village, Armenians began to shell the position of the defenders with incensing shells. Continuing to resist heroically within fire, the fighters of the first block post did not give up their positions until the very end. They fell martyrs fighting for their native village. At night of February 16, defenders of other posts, Gara, Novruz, Damir and Aligismat sneaked close to the first post and took the corpses of the heroes to the headquarters. Although it was hard, they were buried under direction of Mohammed, a father of martyr, as heroes.
Eldar Arazov was one of our sons who fought heroically and fell in martyr on the same day. He hit two pieces of enemy`s military hardware and silenced fire positions with a rocket propelled grenade. Eldar Arazov fell martyr for the motherland taking revenge on enemy for his friend Mazahir. Arig Bayramov was also one of our sons falling martyr on that day.
The fierce battle had continued for five days. The last day, ammunition of the defenders of Garadagly was due to running out. In spite of their appeal for aid at the last moment, no aid came. Running out of bullets, the fighters gathered in the administrative building of the kolkhoz.
Wounded and corpses of the fallen fighters were also brought to the headquarters. A battle for the headquarters continued until the morning of February 17. In the morning, the fire against the enemy from the headquarters weakened. The hero fighters kept the enemy in distance by individual fires. The last bullets were already being shot. Feeling this, the Armenian bandits moved close to the headquarters and started to shout in Russian with megaphones: “Get out, drop your weapons, valuable things, documents and stand in one rank” uninterruptedly. Thus, left in his own fate by the leadership of the Republic, the village of Garadagly was occupied despite heroic resistance of its residents.

17 fevral 1992-ci il

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