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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Resolution No. 2/11-C (IS). On Protection of Islamic holy places

C) The destruction and desecration of Islamic historical and Cultural relics and shrines in the occupied Azerbaijan territories
Resulting from the aggression of the Republic of Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan
Dakar. March 13-14, 2008

Emphasizing that pieces of Azerbaijani history, culture, archaeology, and ethnography remaining in the territories occupied by Armenia are an integral part of Islamic heritage, and, therefore, must be protected;

Reaffirming United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions No.822, 853, 874, and 884, which call on the Armenian forces to effect a full withdrawal from all the occupied Azerbaijani territories, including the Lachin and areas, immediately and without conditions; and strongly urge Armenia to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Reaffirming that the utter and barbaric destruction of mosques and other Islamic Shrines in Azerbaijan, at the hands of Armenia, for the purpose of ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity;

Noting the tremendous losses inflicted by the Armenian aggressors on the Islamic heritage in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by the Republic of Armenia, including total or partial demolition of rare antiquities and places of Islamic civilization, history, and architecture, such as mosques, mausoleums, graves, archaeological excavations, museums, libraries, art exhibition halls, and government theatres and conservatories, besides the destruction and smuggling out of the country of large quantities of priceless treasures and millions of books and historic manuscripts;

Fully sharing the anguish of the government and people of Azerbaijan in this regard;

1. Strongly condemns the barbaric acts committed by the Armenian aggressors in the Republic of Azerbaijan with the aim of total annihilation of the Islamic heritage in the occupied Azerbaijani territories;

2. Vigorously demands the strict and unconditional implementation by the Republic of Armenia of UN Security Council Resolutions No. 822, 853, 874, and 884.

3. Reaffirms its support for the efforts deployed by Azerbaijan at regional and international levels and aimed at protecting and preserving Islamic cultural values and treasures in the territories occupied by Armenia.

4. Asserts that Azerbaijan is entitled to adequate compensation for the damages it has sustained and affirms the Republic of Armenia’s responsibility to pay up full compensation for such damages.

5. Requests the relevant OIC subsidiary organs and specialized agencies to explore the possibility of drawing up a program to help rebuild the mosques, educational institutions, libraries, and museums in the Azerbaijani territories liberated from occupation with the help of OIC Member States.

6. Thanks the Secretary-General for transmitting the OIC Member States´ position on this issue to the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and other international bodies, and for the coordination measures he has taken within the framework of OIC subsidiary, specialized, and affiliated organs. It also thanks those organs and organizations for their response, especially for the adoption by the IDB and ISESCO of programs to implement projects aimed at protecting Islamic holy places in the Republic of Azerbaijan.