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Khankendi ::: Our Member of Parliament :::
  • The streets of Khankendi
  • The view of Khankendi from Shusha
  • A nature view of native Garabagh
  • The monument to World War II
  • Baku-Khankendi-Shusha road

Our Member of Parliament

In this weblog you will be able to observe the MP of the Fourth call of the Azerbaijan Republic’s Milli Majlis from Khankendi polling station 122 Flora Gasimova’s activities in connection with holding meetings and receptions to solve the problems faced by her voters and to obtain detailed information about the implemented and planned issues.
Today the deputy of Milli Majlis ofthe Republicof Azerbaijan from Khankendi electoral district 122 FloraGasimova met with youth of Khankendi.The representative of the ExecutiveCommittee of Khojaly district Nadir Rashidov and
As you know, the Armenians’ claim for the Azerbaijani lands, as well as for Daghlig Garabagh (Nagorno-Karabakh) was an integral part of their strategic plans focused at the creation of “Great Armenia”. Therefore, faithful to their “tradition” Armenians whenever arose a favorable condition began to do efforts for the realization of this plan